Social networking for business

Social media is now a crucial part of any successful businesses marketing plan. It offers us a platform to interact with existing and potential customers and can often provide us with feedback and new ideas. If you aren’t already using this powerful and cost effective marketing tool to its full potential, maybe these facts will give you a push.

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Social Media works as a Bridge Between Social & Interactive Marketing. Social Media gives you a more strait way to establish contact between you and your market. Having a strong “social network” also allows you to communicate effectively with existing and potential users. In a way it creates a link between person to person interaction and person to technology interaction.

General Awareness and Familiarity of Your Company -By actively using social media outlets such as: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc you can raise awareness of your company to a worldwide community. Just like placing a television advertisement, some press in the New York Times or going out and networking at events; Social Media is an easy way to get your company name and mission in front of peoples eyes.

Lead Creation (Forming a Network) & Promotion – Social Networking connects you with a large number of online users and can generate leads of all kinds for most businesses. You can use promotions and competitions to speed up this sort of process, users should be more interested in your product if there is some sort of reward, benefit or enjoyment they receive from your marketing campaign.

Social Media is a great tool for providing excellent customer service. Take “Help Page” page on Facebook, although they do get a lot of negative feedback, they have dedicated staff waiting to fix the problem and deal with customers in any way possible. If you can publicly say, “okay we messed up but we have dealt with the problem and everyone is happy”, then it really allows your network to trust and have faith in your product.

How twitter plays wide role in Social Networking

Twitter is becoming an increasingly important platform for online communication and, yes, conversation. TechCrunch reported that Twitter is receiving 8 million unique visitors per month and about 3 million messages are posted daily. Twitter provides a search engine that allows you plug-in company names, brand names, topics and even personal names. How is your buzz level? Are there any negative comments out there? If I were you, I’d use the search engine to check in a regular basis.

All that was posted today! So, whether you are engaging on and participating in Twitter or not, someone may just be twitting about you.

Twitter can be used as media outlet

Twitter can be used to post news or updates about your company or products. However, please don’t do this before you become familiar with the format and etiquette of Twitter. The best way to do this is to post a link to the full content of the news or update. Think of what’s valuable to your consumers and let them hear about it first on Twitter. You’ll be amazed how your following will grow.

A Promotional Palace

It’s not uncommon for companies to post promotions, sales, or specials on Twitter. An example would be Dell, they do it well. It’s important to remember that Twitter is about conversation and breaking news, so be sure if you are posting promotional information that you make it conversational and personal. If I want an ad, I’ll turn on TV.

Create Character in Your Brand

Twitter is a fantastic tool in giving your brand a voice and a personality. Being successful in Twittering, you will have to put forth your personality and a unique style. That’s what makes the difference and can increase your Twitter following and make it a successful marketing tool for you.
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