How to Gain More Twitter Followers

Since the advent of Web 2.0, Twitter has emerged as the primary microblogging service and one of the largest social networks, making it an important tool for businesses around the world. One of the most prominent questions asked by new and veteran Twitter users is: How do I get more followers?

This article outlines the basics of how to gain Twitter followers for your business, and then how to manage those followers..

Establish a network of Twitter followers

Link to your account

The first step toward securing a significant number of Twitter followers is linking to your Twitter account as much as possible.

  • Link to your business Twitter handle from your professional site, your personal site, and all other social networks where you have a presence.
  • Put a link to your Twitter in the signature of your e-mails and on any other blogs associated with your business, as well as those of your coworkers.
  • Also, think outside of the Web: print the Twitter handle on business cards, billboards, flyers, and other promotional materials.

It’s likely that the more people who are aware that the account exists, the more followers you will amass.

Fill out biographical information

Another important step in how to gain Twitter followers for your business is filling out the biographical information on your business Twitter account. Other tweeters consider this information when deciding whether they should follow your or not. Make sure that the biography is accurate, succinct, and engaging. Don’t mislead potential followers and don’t overwhelm them with information. A short, precise, and engaging description is a great way to gain followers.

Expand your network of Twitter followers

Focus on content

In order to expand your legion of followers, you need to focus on the content that you are providing your followers instead of obsessing about numbers. If you offer useful and enlightening content, your number of followers will quickly increase.

Identify your target audience and compose tweets that are targeted to their interests, concerns, passions, and potential questions. Your business should intricately tie your Twitter account into the services and products that you offer. Twitter is an excellent tool for customer support and Frequently Asked Questions. If you provide this vital information through Twitter, your customers who already have their own accounts are more likely to follow you and more will be encouraged to sign up and follow you.

Content is not limited to text: include pictures, graphs, and pertinent links.

Be respectful when tweeting

Many tweeters are concerned about proper tweeting etiquette, but the foremost guiding rule is to be respectful. Don’t overload anyone’s Twitter feed, but be sure that you remain a presence on the feed. The specifics about how often and what time of day you should tweet depend entirely on your audience and your client, patient, or customer base.

Undertand Twitter memes

Learn about and use common Twitter memes, such as retweeting and hashing, both of which are excellent ways to increase your number of followers.

1. Retweeting is simply reposting a tweet that is particularly useful or moving. By encouraging your current followers to retweet your tweets, your practice or company’s name will enter new social spheres. Through retweeting, the followers of your followers are encouraged to click on your account and potentially follow you. This is where quality content and biographical information becomes vital. Keep in mind that pictures are retweeted much more often than text. You can keep track of your retweets using tools like Retweetist.

2. Hash tagging is the use of a hash mark (#) to denote a keyword. By hash tagging topics that you tweet about, users who are interested in that subject will be able to search for you and subsequently follow your practice or company. One of the quickest ways to engage the Twitter community is to respond to popular hash tag topics, which Twitter lists on its search page. Effective hashtags are one way how to gain Twitter followers for your business.

Monitor your network of Twitter followers

You should try not to get overwhelmed with the numbers game, but a few valuable tools have been developed that you can use to track your followers and how they react to your tweets.

1. TwitterCounter will count the number of new tweeters that follow you each day. Using TwitterCounter, you can monitor how hashing, new links, new information, types of content, and retweets have a direct effect on the number of new people that you ad to your practice or company each day.

2. Twitter notifies you by e-mail whenever a tweeter unfollows you after a tweet. Through Twitter, you can research the types of tweets that your followers appreciate or find annoying.